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The idea of our intended experience, apart from providing sophisticated company and emotional pleasure, is to slowly and erotically arouse, tease and seduce you, to induce a more fulfilling experience. Our high class escorts do not provide just sex. We offer a very specific type of high class escort. An exclusive escort who is able to stimulate your mind, your body and your soul!

The Girlfriend Experience is fully inclusive. Your booking will always include charming, intelligent conversation, getting to know each other, flirtation and anticipation building, setting the mood. You will experience a real connection with a beautiful and sexy woman who loves what she is doing, and is just as excited as you are.

When your high class escort feels the moment is right, she will take initiative towards creating a more erotic setting. She will french kiss you, caress and cuddle and slowly undress each other.

She may decide to indulge in a romantic candlelight bath together, followed by a sensual massage. She will tease and please you with long lasting foreplay and passionate lovemaking. Our escorts offer safe sex only! These extra services are not charged extra. But Soderbergh didn't want to direct the TV version. He is an executive producer on the show. Instead, he wanted the entire series to be made by two filmmakers, one male and one female.

The plan was not to take on the series in a traditional sense, but to use Kerrigan and Seimetz's experience as independent filmmakers who know how to stretch a dollar to basically create a low-budget TV show. Seimetz wouldn't divulge the show's budget, only saying that by TV standards it's low, but in the world of indie films it's a good amount of money. They are getting decent union pay on this.

Like the movie, Starz's "The Girlfriend Experience" is shot with natural lighting on inexpensive cameras and has a cast of character actors. And the show's lead is a relative newcomer, Riley Keough. Porn star Sasha Grey was the lead in the movie version. Keough plays a something who spends her days as a law student and nights as a call girl. But creatively, the show extends further than the movie did, something Soderbergh encouraged Seimetz and Kerrigan to do.

10 Apr The Girlfriend Experience Transactional Pictures of NY LP But what sets this call girl apart from others is her willingness to have an emotional connection with her clients, not just sex — known in the industry as a "girlfriend experience." The director saw potential to tell the story on the cheap, as he did. 9 Apr Riley Keough in "The Girlfriend Experience" on Starz. high-end call girls like the one in Starz's new half-hour drama "The Girlfriend the Starz version seems to view the sex trade as just another form of female multitasking. 23 Mar Besides sex, what else happens on a date with someone offering "the girlfriend experience. a committed relationship for years—goes on a "girlfriend experience" So when we planned the date with a brief phone call—not.

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