Escore service escort couples

escore service escort couples

When a couple books an high class escort Every now and then, a review reaches our office that is so amazing we cannot help ourselves and want to share it with the world.

An amazing review A week passed and then the following email reached us: Dear Marike, After an amazing date with Jane last saturday, we would like to share our experiences.

So here we go. Not only are the escorts stunning, but the services offered are very diverse and professional. Last week, our plans got a bit more serious and my partner asked me to select the most suitable lady. I easily selected Jane. Beautiful body and a description that appealed to me. Then saturday night, we where in a relaxed flow and checked the availability of the ladies.

I got a little bit nervous. Would we have a great connection; what would it be like; when would she arrive… Sooner than expected Jane arrived. And wauw, I was immediately impressed. Straight away, I felt more than okay. After some bubbles and some chit chat, we got dressed; what a party. Jane gave us a sexy show and oelalalalaaa it was really sexy. During the entire date we built up tention together over and over again, to multiple climaxes.

I repeated my sentences there a bit, I know. It still sometimes sounds so weird, and it sounds stranger the more I write about it. I have a "normal" marriage with a man that I adore. My husband and I have been together for close to a decade.

This type of experience just happens to be one of them. We sat on our back patio one night, idly planning the details of trip approaching in a few short weeks, the sights we had to see and the experiences that we had to try. Climbing an iceberg in Iceland, sleeping on the side of a volcano? What about the Louvre in Paris, or maybe doing a tour of the Catacombs? As we became pleasantly tipsy, drinking wine and looking at the stars, I ventured an idea that had suddenly popped into my head.

Would you be game to hire an escort? He looked over at me curiously, and I could tell that he was assessing whether I was trying to trick him or whether I meant it. I kept talking to fill the space. It was legal over there.

They were tested for STDs and it was protected by law. Also, there was absolutely zero chance of running into her around town. He asked if he could help pick her out, and I said sure. The next night, we ran late for a dinner party due to his rummaging through web page after page, lost in hair color, bra sizes, languages spoken.

In the end, we both decided on someone named Helena. She looked lovely, posing in a tiny bikini on the deck of a yacht, with long brown hair and blue eyes. Our flat in Amsterdam was owned and rented out by a model-handsome physician with magnets of nude firemen on the fridge.

A hidden button on the wall would cause beautiful opera music to play through the space, and his puffy chaise lounge was big enough for both me and my tall husband. Heavy curtains bordered floor to ceiling windows, and a look outside revealed the gay clubs and flower markets of north Amsterdam. We took in the beautiful environment for a moment, but then sat nervously and waited for the woman to appear.

When she finally arrived, she put us both at ease and effortlessly led the menage a trois. Afterward, she and I sat on the back patio smoking cigarettes. I asked about her work.

... Back page escourts n prostitutes Payment options We accept the following credit cards: To make people feel good, and seems like that goal was achieved! It is always amazing to hear in what a positive way couples recount of their time with a VIP escort lady. When you see their pretty faces lit up with true happiness as they do their best to fulfill your every deepest wish and desire, you will get to realize that these babes are actually the best at what they. Our couple companions are energetic and exceptionally accommodative. The effect upon our sex life was overwhelmingly positive and immediate, with "escore service escort couples" that still linger to this day.

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Escore service escort couples