Nsa urban best nsa dating site

nsa urban best nsa dating site

However, I do get upset when he hangs out with friends at the bar, but only because I want to go too. But I do encourage guy time, as long as I get the same. That is giving with the expectation of return. It's not tit for tat. It's being understanding about the fact that a human being has desires and wants that are not tied in to the person they married.

We are a couple made up of two individuals. I let my husband do what he wants. I married a dude who makes good choices. He knows there are consequences to his actions and, because I love him and give him freedom, he doesn't do anything dickish.

I meant as long as I get time to myself, he can have a day to himself. There are days when he'll want to go out, but sadly he can't, as we have plans as a unit. And the same for me. But as long as we make time for each other and for ourselves, it works well. Yeah, can we please murder this stereotype that women never like video games or comic books? And that we're all soul-sucking harpies who want to play Mommy to grown men by controlling their hobbies?

My GF and I are like that. She comes home stinking drunk too, and I have learned not to say anything about it. I recently graduated college, so I'm still poor enough that I lick my plate clean and put it back on the shelf.

My wife is the most awesome person I know, but I really think it just makes her insane if I'm just sitting around not accomplishing things. I'm so happy my gf and most likely fiance is into Comics and video games. I will get to keep a lot my hobbies and we'll share them together. I think you're being downvoted by all of the jealous people who did not find wife they share hobbies with.

That's what I figured, but I don't really care. They're just imaginary Internet points after all. We can have our fun, but not until everyone else is sorted and its about 11pm. I was in NYC with a few friends, one of which is a gay dude and he introduced us to Grindr. I'm straight but I downloaded the app to troll my buddy. If you haven't use Grindr before then its important to note that the app will tell you how close people are to you. A few of us were on the mezzanine of a hotel lobby poking around on the app when I got a message from an older gentleman.

He started chatting me up and I noted that he was only a few feet away from us. So naturally I looked around for the guy and saw that he was hanging out on the floor below us.

The app is just like any messaging app in that it will show you when someone is typing a message. Sure enough it was the guy that was chatting with me because I would watch him respond to my messages. I can't remember everything that we talked about but it was clear that he was into exploring his options.

In the middle of us talking I see a woman approach him. He puts his phone away, kisses her, and they leave the hotel together.

Actually, there is no such thing as gay men, just guys tryin to troll their buddy. Men who have sex with men MSM is even better: Serious question from a straight man - what does "otherwise homosexual but don't fit into 'gay'" mean? Lot of people use gay to describe male homosexuality. I guess because lesbian is a female term already in use that's shorter than homosexual and less insulting than homo, so gay becomes the male equivalent.

Now it's become the norm whenever I see people talking about it in official terms, I mean for example it's lg bt: MSM is a term defined by behavior. A man who is straight, but whose job is a gay porn actor, would be s contrived but real example of an MSM. If that same man is exclusively attracted to men homosexual , but thinks of himself as straight then he isn't gay.

That's not entirely contrived. A lot of male sex workers escorts, etc. I have a straight friend who actually contracted HIV through gay escorting as a younger man. I'm gunna go ahead and still consider "Sure I only fuck dudes but I'm still straight! Black man on the street - "Having your dicks sucked by another man is kinda gay but it doesn't make you gay. Dating a man usually means your gay. It's an app used by MSM men who have sex with men typically for hookups but occasionally for dating or even just chatting.

Ultimately, it's mostly sex talk, nude pics, and meeting the people you sent nice pics to The way I heard is that it was more or less originally meant as a hook-up app but as it gained popularity, people kept using it as a dating app as well, not knowing the app wasn't quite meant for that. From my own and my friends' experiences on Tinder, it's much harder to get a hookup than you think.

Pretty much all other males get ignored because it's a female-friendly market online. There are so few of them they can have their pick. OKCupid has researched this effect years ago: Both sexes messaged individuals they perceived to be more attractive at higher rates, but at least men rated women almost perfectly evenly above and below medium.

I'm going to post the same thing as I always do when I see this, as someone pointed it out and I think it's a good point. When you rate someone highly on OKCupid, they get sent a little notification, apparently.

However, it's pretty well documented that women get innudated with messages on a dating site if they have a good profile, that is - so why would they willingly rate high if they have a lot to pick from? There's definitely inequality in the genders in dating sites, but IMO that explains why women don't evenly rate men. In another, iirc, okcupid blog they broke down the way to put profile pics on your page for the gender you want to attract. For women, they needed to be smiling and looking at the camera, and their full body helped out as well.

For men, they needed to be doing something, or looking away from the camera, and smiling didn't help, iirc it hurt you. And shirtless or sunglasses pics don't actually hurt you despite what chicks write or say this might not be accurate though based on the points I make at the end of this post though.

For the most part if you are doing something with a group or something that would indicate a context of the picture rather than you just be doing a selfie in your bathroom it's good. I actually watched a whole documentary about this phenomenon in media culture and photography for magazine ads etc.

EG; I have a couple of shirtless pics on my page but they are in a huge group at a river, or on my bday getting cake smashed on my face. It's more appealing to build stories for women, because that is how arousal is wired in their brains.

For men, the visual is the primary trait on the list for mates across the board. For women, this shit varies greatly. Things that are viewed arbitrarily as 'less shallow' imho. So for examples; A hot chick on a dating site, could have the shittiest profile that says a bunch of horrible shit and people know she is going no where with no job or car or place of her own and has issues but will still get blown up by almost every guy. Bunch of anecdotal trolls all over the net that prove this.

But if a hot guy makes a profile that says the same things, he'll be turned down by lots of women. Since women's preferences vary so much more greatly than men's, it's hard to say how exactly. Typically if you ask your friends to rate traits of attractive qualities in a man they would say something like: Where as men, would list like 1: Men don't care about your worth as a person in society, which is arguably less shallow.

A good example of this is how female viagra will never be a thing. In men they get a boner, they are aroused both physically and mentally. They 2 are hard line connected. They're always ready for sex. Even if your grandpa just died, or you broke your leg an hour ago a bj would be great. For women, arousal is not connected in this way. Sure viagra will get her blood flowing downstairs and science will indicate she is physically aroused, but she is not mentally aroused so it doesn't work.

You really can't make a pill for that, that wouldn't be a controlled substance dangerous drug imho. So also there have been numerous studies on arousal in the brains of males and females both gay and straight.

In one study they had people hooked up to MRI scans and had them look at gay and straight porn and of course the males who were attracted to their thing lit up in the arousal centers in the brain. For women, the porn didn't work on most of them. Which explains why there are so many more female fan fiction sites and a whole industry of trashy novels and tv shows and why most porn is tailored for men. Granted you can find the exceptions if you look for it male fan fic and female tailored porn.

Their brains lit up to that stimuli in the same way that the males did when viewing the porn. Another little tidbit related to this is how women view the act of sex itself.

To them it's an intimate bonding thing. Almost like a sacred ceremony that has varying levels of perfection. No orgasm can still be great sex to most if not all women as well. Sure they would love to have that, it's like chasing the dragon to a dope fiend, they want that high, but not just by itself.

More importantly they want to feel validation, security, vulnerability, companionship, warmth, etc etc. Men just have an urge they need to unload, like taking a piss in the morning or eating. It can be a bonding thing for them too, but it is less often. Women receive and men give, so they want to take in all the details of the experience to form a whole cohesive scene, or storyline, in their brain that when all the criteria comes together it edges closer and closer to great sex.

While for men, great sex is just like binary code; Did you come? Did she get off? Did it look good? All of this shit makes sense and applies to everything that is male and female when you understand what happens at the genetic levels with chromosomes.

Males have the Y which doesn't vary much at all from guy to guy, it's like always the same, or mostly the same. It just breaks off that extra 'leg' of the XY with the variance. Guys are simple and easy to please etc. Females on the other hand, get huge variance in their chromosomes because almost every single one has a totally different 'leg' of their XX.

Which is why you see so much animosity amongst women, it's like they are all different gender subgroups of one gender. They can't agree on things as a whole, they like to say things as fact about all women when it only applies to females that are similar to their XX type, etc. Things like how to orgasm, how most women can't vaginally, and some can just by walking.

How some women despise the media celebrity culture and others just revel in it as if it's their meaning in life to gossip. How some chicks love giving BJs and others think penises are icky. Why some chicks like porn and others think it's cheating. Why some chicks like to look at shirtless abs pics and others insta close your page. That whole chromosomes thing sounds like bullshit, but I don't know enough about genetics to dispute it.

Look at IQ or just about any other stat and you'll see much higher variance among men. I was on Okcupid and was at one point getting 30 messages a day as a woman. I felt really guilty about having to ignore people, some of them were pretty cool and I could tell put effort into messages, but honestly it's hard to maintain a conversation with like 10 different people at once and as an introvert it felt really overwhelming anyway.

It ended up working out for me and I met someone pretty great but I don't know if I'll ever do it again. Totally a first world problem: No wonder nobody writes me back on OKCupid. If the women I'm messaging have 30 messages in their inboxes at any given time, I'm probably not even in the top ten for most of 'em.

There doesn't need to be an infographic. I mean, I get it. If I was a woman I would probably enjoy the best harvest whenever possible. Unlike economical markets, sometimes dependent on culture and other stupid factors, sex is a opportunists' market.

Sometimes women are advantageous, due to factors like age, money and other discriminators that help the system scale value and sometimes men are advantageous. I know what I'm saying might sound very obvious and I won't bore you but the fact that women enjoy Tinder and other dating services whilst men are frustrated by it is portrayed as the fault of women and this encourages a divide.

OKCupid and Tinder et al are full of people who just want a confidence boost and aren't really serious about meeting someone through it. People are generally more serious about it when they're paying by the month for the service. Mind you there's a whole new set of problems associated with people who are desperate enough to pay money for a dating service, but that's story all together.

There's a certain level of desperation in it for a lot of people, I think. You're not really going to pay for it unless you're striking out in the real world. Sure, there's a certain level of desperation it it, but there's also a certain level of desperation in going to the bar looking for girls. Both cost money, and I think both are about the same level of desperation. It's just that different types of people do one or the other.

I have to respectfully disagree. I think it highly relevant to what age and time of your life you are in. As you get older social circles and free time can get smaller for many people. Especially after college and everyone is busy working and trying to pay off debts and become financially independent.

In fact, I see more and more of my friends meeting dates through mutual friends instead of at a club or bar. It sort of acts like a pre-screening, similar to what online dating can offer. Also not everyone likes the night life scene so that automatically excludes a portion of potentially compatible people.

And as you get older, friends get married and chances of meeting someone through a mutual friend get even smaller and you lose your single friends to go out with. Online dating has sort of shook off the stigma it once had years ago. I've seen friends use it before and its legit these days, no less legit than going on the prowl at night.

I met my girlfriend of two years on okc, and encountered many women on there who were legitimately looking for a relationship. On the paid sites, it was full of women who had made profiles, but weren't paying so they couldn't respond to my messages. The paid sites don't tell you whether or not the person is actually paying. They also make fake accounts which magically message you when your membership is about to run out. The paid sites also have a much lower population, so it's much harder to find someone who matches your interests.

The okcupid "pay for more messages" option is a better strategy in my opinion, that way for those who keep messaging users because of the lack of response, they'll eventually get a few false positives, and run out of message space Good business strategy by okcupid anyways.

You kinda get tricked into paying if you're in the situation above and get addicted. But who pays for an actual dating site from the get go, this kind of mentality seems weird to me: Especially that they advertise so much success on TV and everywhere..

Ah the ol fermium freemium model being applied to dating. Can't blame them really it's a very lucrative business model. The free ones are full of spammers trying to get you to leave the site. The pay ones are nothing but spammers trying to get you in to their inbox.

They should use the same system nightclubs use. It's stereotypical, unfair, and cynical, but god damn does it work:. They aren't looking for hook ups. That doesn't mean they aren't willing to hook up. If the coffee date goes well, they usually are fine with going back to your place and "watching Netflix.

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Nsa urban best nsa dating site

Nsa urban best nsa dating site

My roommate and her boyfriend found each other on it, so I thought I'd give it a try. You can also comment with the phrase [answered] to flair your post. So naturally I looked around for the guy and saw that he was hanging out on the floor below us. If you're average or anything less than chiseled, it's just not going to happen. A few turned into long-term friends. HOOK UP APP CLASSIFIEDS QLD